Solar Light Tower Overview

Solar Light Tower Overview

Say Good-bye to Diesel and hello to near zero operating costs!

The next generation of solar-powered light tower is here and ready to strut its stuff!

This new generation of  PV (Photovoltaic) panel cells offer advanced, boosted cell conversion efficiencies  They store more energy than ever before, which means they can efficiently deliver crisp, white LED lights that remain consistently bright dusk to dawn.

Keep your job site extra safe with surveillance cameras attached right to the tower which you can watch from anywhere with remote DVR playback.

All this with near zero operating costs. Just change the battery every 3 to 5 years.

A win-win for your company: Low cost of operation, a safe and secure job site, and environmentally friendly.  Green is good for your brand!

Explore the benefits of using solar light towers from Geneva Equipment.

We’d love to help you harness the sun to provide a lighting solution that’s right for your needs.

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Solar light towers: so many uses!


Add a shift to your construction crew


Night-time sporting events

Solar light towers: so many uses!


Make sure night-time parking is safe

  • Oil field sites at night, or any job-site where it is important to promote worker safety through a brightly lit area
  • Disaster relief areas
  • Remote areas where there is no electricity
  • For municipalities for night-time sewer repairs or to provide light where there are no street lights
  • Anywhere where clean, bright light is required at night