Sell Your Equipment

Geneva will Sell your Used Equipment for Top Dollar!

Have a fleet of Equipment you are interested in selling? Just a couple of pieces?

We can do the heavy lifting for you and get it sold. From Frac Tanks to trucks, trailers, oil field equipment and more, we have the experience and network to get your equipment sold.

And the best part? We offer a Turnkey Service. We take care of the whole process so you can focus your attention on your business, not on selling equipment.

Why Choose Geneva to sell Your Equipment?

1. Turnkey Operation

That means no worries for you. We will assess your equipment, and handle all the selling details so you can remain focused on your business. That means no headaches entertaining tire kickers who want to look, but don’t want to buy. The only thing you’ll need to do is look forward to cash in hand from the sale of your equipment.

2. We understand that you need a certain Value from your Equipment

Auction sites are great at hooking you in, but once your equipment is up on the site, you have no control over what it sells for. What if, for example, the auction doesn’t go as promised and you are stuck selling for less than a lien you might need to satisfy on your equipment?
We understand that there is a certain value you must receive, and we’ll make sure you get it!

3. Comprehensive Network

We buy and sell equipment all day, every day. And we know what is going on in all the industries we serve. That means we know who is starting new projects, where, and what their equipment needs are. We serve the complete United States, and all over the world.

4. 40+ years of industry expertise

We know equipment inside and out and industry by industry. From Agriculture to Oil&Gas, we understand the equipment that is needed to get the job done right, and that means we know how to sell the right equipment to the right buyer for the right price.

5. Personal attention

Our whole business is based on a consultative approach. You won’t be handed off to a sales person who understands how to sell, but doesn’t understand you. At Geneva, we pride ourselves in listening to our customers and understanding their needs. You will not be a number here. You will be treated like family.