To purchase a light tower or for more information on solar light towers

Please contact Tom or Eli

Phone: 855-201-7193


Key Benefits

Powerful Benefits

  • Huge operational savings vs diesel ($93,000 over 36 months)
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • No maintenance costs/No diesel fumes
  • Solid, tough construction: withstands 80 mph winds
  • Each light provides 69,000 lumens of high quality crisp, white LED light throughout the night
  • Set it and forget it.  Charges during the day (rain or shine) with a full charge in 4 hours
  • Lights are multi-directional
  • Functions two full nights, even without sunlight
  • Batteries have a 3-5 year life expectancy

Extra Features

Equipped with Surveillance Camera and GPS

  • External monitoring: vandals/theft
  • Internal monitoring: provides record of employees, task completion, eliminates workers’ compensation fraud
  • Remote monitoring and viewing 24/7
  • GPS shows where unit is at all times

Additional Work Station

  • Plug heavy power tools into the tower with no loss of light output

5 minute set up time

Travels easily by hooking up to a hitch on the back of a truck