What’s Great Business Advice in our Current Economic Climate?

Whether you are looking to get rid of equipment you no longer use or making room for new equipment to keep current, the best advice is the same.

Re-assessment and streamlining.


Turn Your Under-utilized Assets into Cash

Check out your inventory because storing what you no longer use takes space, time, management, and money.

Why not get the most value you can for your under-utilized assets so you have the cash to invest in what you truly need to move your business forward?


Do you have under-utilized equipment?

Drilling Rigs, Compressors, Frac Tanks, Piping, Trucks

Oil worker in orange uniform and helmet on of background the pump jack and sunset sky.

Geneva’s Network Will Get You Top Value:

Our large cross-country network of used and new equipment buyers will get you the most value possible for your Oil and Gas Equipment. We are not an auction house, so you don’t have to worry about low bids.


  • We buy and sell equipment all day, every day. We know how to appraise it, market it, and have multiple ways to get it sold because we’ve been doing just that for 40 years.
  • Get top value without the hassle of determining pricing, fielding tire kickers, understanding a selling market you’re unfamiliar with, or dealing with needed repairs.
  • We consign and buy all types of equipment. Our world-wide network focuses on the following industries:
    • Oil&Gas (Frac Tanks, Drilling Rigs, Piping, etc.)
    • Transportation (Trucks, Semi-Tractors, Trailers, Spotters, etc.)
    • Construction (Cranes, Bulldozers, Loaders, etc.)
    • Agriculture (Tractors, Combines, Other Farm Equipment, etc.)
  • We can handle just one piece or a whole company’s worth of equipment. 
  • Repairs needed? New batteries? Tires? Paint? No problem. We’ll get your equipment ready to sell with no effort on your part. 
  • We do appraisals to help you determine the right price for your inventory
  • Total transparency in all aspects of your sale

Consign your Oil Field Equipment for a Stress-Free Sale in 4 easy steps.

1. Call or Email Tom to Get Started. Office: 855-201-7193 Cell: 815-341-0375 Email: tom@genevaequipment.com

You’ll speak to a professional who can recommend the best way to get your equipment sold. 


2. Determine Pricing

Let our staff of trained experts evaluate your equipment and set the best price for a productive sale. 


3. Consignment Agreement

Every sale is different. We’ll listen to your needs and create an agreement unique to you. We’ll go over it together to make sure you thoroughly understand it. Ask all the questions you need to ask. We are here to help.


4. Let’s get your equipment sold!

We’ll offer your equipment to our extensive network of used and new equipment dealers. Additionally, it will go up on our website (https://genevaequipment.com) which is fueled by Google and Bing pay per click advertising where we are in the top three advertisers 92% of the time. Once sold, we will apprise you of the sale, go over the details, and get you your money fast!

Want to get started right now?

Give Tom a call and speak to him directly: Office: 855-201-7193 Cell: 815-341-0375

Email Tom: tom@genevaequipment.com