ISO Tanks

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About ISO Tanks

ISO tanks are cost-effective and are increasingly becoming the preferred method to carry bulk liquids.

An ISO tank container has a mechanical frame which can be locked in place and easily moved and mounted on a ship, a train, or a chassis. This lowers handling and storage costs as much as 30% versus an over-the-road tanker.

More Benefits and Advantages

  • Increased safety because the mechanical frame is locked down assuring contents do not move so there is less opportunity for accidents.
  • ISO tanks can be stacked saving energy and time
  • They come in a variety of capacities but the steel framework is standard at 20-feet by 8-feet by 8.6-feet
  • Contents can be kept hot or cold with steam heat or cooling systems
  • Can carry a wide variety of bulk liquids from water to sulfuric acid to food products, and oil