Oil/Gas Industry & Applications

Oil & Gas Industry

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A range of equipment is needed in any oil/gas drilling or fracking operation, most notably FRAC tanks for storing fresh water, dirty water, chemicals, drill site fluid and drilling mud. Depending on the storage need, Geneva Equipment will help you select the FRAC tank that will deliver the best result in the most cost effective way.

Application: Fresh & Dirty water storage

Best for the Job: Flat Top Frac Tank Storage Specs: 500 BBL or 21,000 gallons Description Flat Top Frac Tanks are the most economical and convenient way to store fresh water onsite in your fracking operation. Flat top frac tanks are also a convenient way to store dirty water after the fracking operation, for later disposal or filtration at another location.

Application: Chemical storage

Best for the Job:Acid Frac Tank Storage Specs: 500 BBL or 21,000 gallons Description Acid tanks can handle Hydrochloric acid that you need onsite to inject into the bore hole in your fracking operation. Most acid tanks can handle over 15%ph and some can handle over 32%ph. Acid tanks are also great for storing the hydraulic fluid after it has been recaptured from the well.

Application: Fluid Storage Where Separation is Required

Best for the Job:Weir Tank Storage Specs: 18,100 gallons Description Weir tanks are effective for oil drilling jobs that need to capture drilling fluids, including all rock fragments transported to the surface from the oil well. Weir tanks are sectioned off into different compartments. A compartment may include a settling tank, sometimes called a sand trap, to allow the heavier rock fragments and cuttings to separate from the hydraulic liquids and sink to the bottom. Some have a “V” shaped floor to drain stored liquids with ease. Tanks can then be transported easily to another location for disposal and/or filtration.

Application: Easy Access Fluid Storage

Best for the Job: Open Top Frac Tank Storage Specs: 500 BBL or 21,000 gallons Description Open Top Frac Tanks allow the easiest access to check fluid levels in the tank. They also have 24″ manaways to allow the easiest access to clean tanks after the job is finished. Open top tanks can be used either to store fresh water to be used in the fracking operation, or dirty water captured after the fracking operation.

Application: Mud Storage

Best for the Job: Mud Tank Storage Specs: 500 BBL or 21,000 gallons Description Mud tanks store drilling fluid and drilling mud in preparation for drilling. Mud tanks have a mixing capability that keeps mud suspended and ready at all times to be pumped down hole. Mud tanks can also be used for fresh water storage in advance of fracking.

Application: Under Pressure Fluid Storage

Best for the Job: Gas Buster Tanks Storage Specs: 500 BBL or 21,000 gallons Description Gas buster tanks are ideal for when the gas is under high pressure after bringing in a well. The tank dissipates the high levels of energy present with a combination of water, debris, and frac fluids flowing back up from the well.