Portable Frac Tanks



A Frac Tank is a generic term for a large heavy gauge steel storage tank unit that can hold a variety of liquids. The key benefit to using a Frac Tank is the large size (a typical tank can hold 21,000 gallons) and mobility (a tank can be pulled to a job site by a tractor and then moved/emptied as the need arises).

There are several types of Frac Tanks used for different purposes. A typical Frac Tank use is in the oil and gas industry during the process of fracing wells. In this type of application, the Frac Tank may be used to store liquids like run-off water, diesel fuel, glycol, oils, or even fresh water.

Another typical application for using Frac Tanks would be the containment of hazardous chemicals at a job site. The Double Wall Frac Tank is the tank of choice here as its second internal wall assures the highest standard when dealing with dangerous chemicals. This is especially critical when operating near fresh water areas.

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Oil and Gas